Women in EV #IWD2021

By March 26, 2021 No Comments
Gender inequality in EV and tech still persists. To celebrate #IWD2021 and Women’s History Month, we feature a woman every Monday who has shaped the EV industry and accelerated its adoption.

Livia Cevolini

CEO of Energica

Livia Cevolini was just 36 years old when she founded @EnergicaMotor. She created a brand to combine #EV technology with the pedigree of high-performance mobility. 30% of the Energica workforce are now women and continue to grow every year.

Livia Cevolini Headshot

Chelsea Sexton

EV Advocate

Chelsea Sexton has been paving the path to #electricmobility since the 1990s with #EV1. As a prominent voice of advocacy and one of the co-founders of @pluginamerica, Chelsea continues to inspire more women to join the movement for clean mobility.

Chelsea Sexton Headshot

Monica Araya

Clean Mobility Advocate and Decarbonization Strategist

Named “Crusader of the Year” for advancing electric mobility in Costa Rica, Monica Araya is a powerful force in zero-emissions mobility around the globe. Her engagement with diverse stakeholders from utility to lawmakers continues to inspire us.

Monica Araya Headshot