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NYC Fintech Week provides a unique opportunity to hear from innovators forging new trails in payments, blockchain, lending, robo-advisors, insurtrech, real estate and more. In addition to attracting hundreds of FinTech entrepreneurs, this conference also plays host to the investors and service providers that help accelerate startups.

Some of todays highlights included:

PANEL: The ROI in Blockchain. Running Blockchain Projects in Financial Services.

It wasn’t long ago that financial institutions couldn’t get enough DLT. Let’s check back on which technologies are showing an ROI and which solutions saved banks millions only by being stopped at pilots/PoC.

PANEL: The Great Debate: Who's Winning the FinTech Game

We debate which parts of the world are best at different parts of banking. Who does Regulation best? Where's the Data capital of the world? Who has the Neobank proof in the pudding. It's an exciting debate which is sure to decide once and for all where's best to design the bank of the future.

PANEL: Oxygen for AI: Latest Data Management Strategies for Successful AI

A panel on artificial intelligence without covering training data does not compute. Let's geek out with our friends leading the AI revolution.

PANEL: Show me the money: Providing consumers and small businesses greater access to credit.

Are rising rates and a less restrictive regulatory regime the perfect storm for the next wave in lending?

PANEL:With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - Ethics of FinTech

There is no doubt that the use of customer data and automation will only accelerate in FinTech. In the wake of Cambridge Analytica what lessons are to be learned and where are the ethical lines?