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Ideanomics Signs a Definitive Agreement to Acquire Utah-based Wireless Charging Provider WAVE

Key Takeaways from the Global Transmission Conference


Ideanomics is a global company driving mobile energy transformation and the green fintech revolution. 

We combine deal origination and enablement with the application of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and others as part of the next-generation of smart financial services.

Ideanomics Mobility

Driving Mobile Energy Transformation

Ideanomics Capital

Driving the Green Fintech Revolution

Technology and innovation are the catalysts for change. They hold the potential to improve a vast array of industries by acting as a force multiplier and driving greater efficiencies, transparency, governance, and so much more. Technology creates opportunities, and Ideanomics is constantly exploring technologies that can have a lasting impact on everything from streamlining supply chains for the benefit of all stakeholders through to improving our environment.

Alf PoorCEO, Ideanomics
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