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How Ideanomics is Facilitating the Transition to Electric Heavy Trucks


How Ideanomics Came to Ride
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Ideanomics 2019 third-quarter results released on November 14, 2019.

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Ideanomics is a global fintech company for transformative industries.

We combine deal origination and enablement with the application of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and others as part of the next-generation of smart financial services.

Mobile Energy Group

Driving the Global Adoption of Eco-Friendly Transportation

Financial & Advisory Services

Financial Services Ecosystem Including AI Services

FinTech Village

Headquarters for Technology and Innovation Located in the Heart of the East Coast

Smart contracts, operating on blockchain technology, will be the medium for tomorrow’s investment products. Whether encoded for digital assets or traditional securities, smart contracts will allow for everything, from greater regulatory control to cross-border settlement, to be programmed into the contract itself. Arguably more significant than increased transparency and controls, smart contracts will enable fractionalization. Fractional ownership represents an unprecedented opportunity to bring trillions of dollars of traditionally illiquid assets, such as real estate and art, into the financial markets for trading in the same manner in which we trade stocks today.

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