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Solutions that Shape the Future of E-mobility and Fintech

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Our Mission

To act as a catalyst for disruption to those industries where improvements in sustainability, transparency, and freedom of choice would have profound benefits on a global scale.

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A turnkey solution that provides economic and operational confidence for electrification

Ideanomics Capital

A technology collective to improve efficiency, transparency, and profitability for the financial services industry


Featured Businesses

Ideanomics is shaping the future of commercial fleet operations by assembling a synergistic ecosystem of subsidiaries and investments across the three key pillars of EV: Vehicles, Charging, and Energy. With cutting-edge proven solutions, we are reducing the total cost of ownership for fleet operators, together with harmful greenhouse gas emissions.   

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Innovative Technologies Powering Zero-Emission Transportation

With proven clean-tech products and American-made technology, US Hybrid is an innovation leader powering fleets in private and public sectors in the U.S. and around the world. US Hybrid specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of zero-emission powertrain components for electric, hybrid, and fuel cell transportation applications.

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Powering the Largest Wireless Fleet in the U.S.

WAVE’s high power wireless charging systems offer a modular solution (125kW to 500kW) across a broad range of commercial applications, including mass transit, ports, and warehouse and distribution centers. The largest electric mass transit bus fleet in the U.S. is powered by WAVE.

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Climate-Smart Electric Tractors

With a range of 100% battery powered tractors, Solectrac is leading the transition to zero-emission agriculture and utility operations with best-in-class technology for a safer, cleaner, and healthier future.

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Real Estate Reimagined

Timios seamlessly provides an unparalleled real estate transaction experience, making every step simple to manage and stress-free.

Our commitment to sustainability and innovation is driving unprecedented growth in the Ideanomics family. Learn more about our increasing list of wholly owned businesses and direct investments.


Our Global Footprint

Global reach was built into our DNA from the very beginning. With prominent operations in the U.S. and China, we have a significant strategic advantage to accelerate fleet electrification and overall EV adoption. It also echoes our commitment to an inclusive and diverse culture both within our company and the partners we work with. 

Our ESG Commitment

Ideanomics embraces diversity, equality, and sustainability such that these may govern our organization as strongly as our commitment to generating shareholder value. We believe that disruptive technologies and innovation have the power to improve our lives while constructing a cleaner, greener future for generations to come. Cleantech is in our DNA, and our commitment to preserving our planet is core to everything we do. 

Our Insights  

EV education and advocacy is a critical part of our mission. We are creating a library of electrification resources across a wide range of topics and industries.  

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Hop on, Take a Seat, and Ride the Wireless WAVE

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