Mobile Energy Global (MEG)

MEG operates with a S2F2C model: from Sales to full-value-chain Financing (supply chain financing, lease financing, ABS) to fast Charging network operations.
MEG provides comprehensive advisory services for the new energy vehicle industry that include:
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Capital
  • Other

Business Model Advantages

1 Value Proposition + 2 Megatrends + 3 Advantages


Value Proposition

1. Strive to be the driving force in the adoption of global eco-friendly transportation.



1. The global market opportunity for new energy commercial vehicles is greater than that of new energy passenger vehicles.
2. China’s commercial new energy vehicle production capacity, technology and scale have been leading the world, but will soon face an overcapacity issue.



1. The price advantage obtained by the group procurement and the direct sales of OEMs;
2. Financing advantages brought by a full-suite financial services;
3. Sales advantages in China and overseas markets, especially in ASEAN and North America markets.


Global Strategic Layout

United States

Ideanomics plans to engage with both the public and private sectors to bring its new energy transportation initiatives to North America.


MEG owns 51.0% of Treeletrik  and 11.6% of its parent company Tree Manufacturing, who is the only licensed  manufacturer in Malaysia for all electric powered vehicles.

Rest of World

Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries, Europe, South America, Africa and other markets will be developed in later stages.

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