Blockchain has the potential to change the way we trust in business.


Trust is the fundamental currency of commerce.

$100T Transacted

7+ billion people on this planet trust each other enough to transact over $100T each year.


Remove trust and modern life grinds to a halt.

50B Devices

By 2020, the world will have 50B smart devices we will be expected to trust.

Why blockchain?

Let’s look at typical ledger technology today...

Ledgers are used globally and are a fundamental way we go about storing transactions today. The problem with today’s ledgers is that they can easily be changed and manipulated. They are not tamperproof.

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The Immutable Ledger

How Blockchain Works

Unique Key

Every entry on a Blockchain ledger has a unique key that goes with it.

Record 1

Every record is written and stamped by the trusted party that wrote the record and a key is created.

Record 2

When the next record is written, all contents from Record 1, including the key, and the contents of Record 2 is put in a formula and a key is created for the second record.

Record 3

When the third record is written, all of the contents of Record 1 and key, and Record 2 and key is entered in the formula and a third key is created.

And On...

Blockchain technology is making sure that we can see who wrote every single record, “chains” them all together, creates dependency and makes it immutable.

Use Case

Blockchain & Real Estate

Today’s Ledger

Intermediaries (escrow agents, title companies, etc.) are used to deliver the trust we require when two or more parties enter into a transaction, such as purchasing a home.

Ideanomics, Blockchain Ideanomics, Blockchain
Blockchain Ledger

Intermediaries assist with building trust, but only get us part way to full trust. Because today’s ledgers are not tamperproof, there is a trust gap. Blockchain-based ledgers fill this gap.

Ideanomics and Blockchain

A New Infrastructure

Blockchain allows us to develop innovative ways in which to transfer value, create next-generation applications and drive positive change across industries and communities alike. Blockchain is the technology that enables us to operationalize high-value transactions across a number of sectors.


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