Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: transforming data into insight.

Artificial Intelligence is being integrated into more parts of our lives, both inside and outside the office. On a personal level, we interact daily with smart phones, smart home devices and possibly even self-driving cars some day. On a professional level, many industries are already utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to harness large volumes of data to accomplish complex tasks. Some examples:


Artificial Intelligence is being used to identify transactions that are likely to be fraudulent, adopt fast and accurate credit scoring, determine future market trends and automate manually intense data management tasks.

Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence is taking the role of a traditional concierge and helping consumers determine select products based on variables provided by the consumer. Purchasing a coat? Hiking in Alaska vs. visiting Paris in October will cause the virtual concierge to recommend different products.

Ideanomics: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

A Focus on Finance

Ideanomics is concentrating its artificial intelligence capabilities on financial market data. By harnessing a specific form of artificial intelligence, known as dynamic ontology, we are able to leverage flexible models for objects, properties and relationships in real-time, making the data that we work with smarter and more useful. By unlocking valuable information from disparate data sets, we can create valuable predictive models, data products and indexes. Ideanomics is currently focused on commodity and energy market data, with plans to expand to other sectors in the future.

Ideanomics, Artificial Intelligence

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