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Ideanomics' wholly-owned businesses and direct investments are critical components of the company's vision to build advanced technology ecosystems to deliver more efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions to the world.

Social Media Comments Measurement & Sentiment Analysis Platform

CommentsRadar tracks how billions of the people engage with stories across  the internet. Its products provide comprehensive and unique insights into digital stories that matter most to publications’ audiences.

Acquired by Ideanomics in February 2019, CommentsRadar’s AI-driven comment platform allows Grapevine to generate more data for brands and agencies providing additional insight into their advertising campaigns. CommentsRadar also complements the suite of AI-centric companies in Ideanomics’ portfolio.

A Marketplace that Serves Issuers, Investors, Market Makers and Brokers

Delaware Board of Trade Holdings, Inc. operates three companies: (1) DBOT ATS LLC, an SEC recognized Alternative Trading System; (2) DBOT Issuer Services LLC, focused on setting and maintaining issuer standards, as well as the provision of issuer services to DBOT designated issuers; and (3) DBOT Technology Services LLC, focused on the provision of market data and marketplace connectivity. DBOT is a FINRA Member Firm, and a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”), that operates a fully automated, auto-execution Alternative Trading System (“ATS”).

Ideanomics acquired a majority stake of DBOT in May 2019. DBOT fulfills Ideanomics’ strategic vision of combining a regulated and compliant platform to address traditional financial instruments with the capability of servicing digital assets. This acquisition enables Ideanomics to provide comprehensive global financial services with full-scale capabilities for the whole range of current and future financial products.

Nextgen Vehicles and Technology ETF

EKAR identifies companies involved with “next generation” vehicles — generally, electric or autonomous vehicles — using a natural language processing (NLP) algorithm to scan large volumes of textual data, media platforms and databases. Companies are sorted into one of four categories: battery producers (miners, chemical suppliers or manufacturers), original equipment manufacturers (design, manufacture, or distribution of next-gen vehicles), suppliers (parts and components) and semiconductor and software companies (sensors, mapping or driving policy).

Launched in February 2018, EKAR is the first AI-driven ETF that provides investors exposure to the universe of stocks involved in the growing category of electric and self-driving/autonomous vehicles. For Ideanomics, EKAR represents two significant emerging trends: the application of AI in traditional financial services and the rapidly developing new technology ecosystem required to build, maintain, and support next-generation vehicles.

Mobile Financial Technology Services Communications Platform

Fintalk focuses on building next-generation communication and collaboration tools for the financial services industry. Utilizing the user-friendly convenience of social apps, FinTalk augments established secure use cases and workflows with tools and capabilities to enable enhanced communications between investors and institutions.

Acquired by Ideanomics in September 2018, FinTalk provides two critical use cases. First, it provides integrated and secure B2B financial technology communications and AI-enabled financial information and data analytics. Second, its consumer-facing technology provides valuable curated financial information, access to digital loyalty products, and consumer financial services, including the ability to access digital asset investment products and connect with investor and financial advisor communities. Using blockchain technology, FinTalk deployments are integrated into a secure enterprise network. Every corporation subscriber receives its own deployment node which strengthens the larger blockchain network.​

Global Headquarters for Technology and Innovation

Fintech Village in West Hartford, Connecticut will serve as a world-class center of excellence, leveraging the best of breed developments in high-technology. This 58-acre state-of-the-art campus is designed to be smart/IoT-enabled and features high-tech/SaaS labs/office space, mixed residential and retail components, and five acres of indoor public space. Fintech Village will foster a pipeline of technological excellence in fintech, regtech, cybersecurity, insuretech, tradetech, consumertech, healthtech, agritech, and sports betting.

Ideanomics unveiled the campus design plans in July 2019. Following remediation and permitting processes, the company expects to begin construction in the Spring of 2020.

Fortifa Logo

Intelligence Solutions for Law Enforcement

Fortifa provides intelligence collection and analysis for law enforcement agencies (LEA). Fortifa gathers intelligence data from both open sources and hidden private sources and delivers fast, accurate and efficient multi-dimensional features for information aggregation, early warning and other key detection. This new information tool combines big data analytics and AI algorithms to provide LEA with real-time situational awareness and actionable insights.

Frequency Logo

Creating and Amplifying Digital Content Around the Globe 

Frequency Networks, which has global partnerships with leading cable, satellite and mobile operators reaching over 150 million subscribers, builds and operates an intelligent content discovery platform that powers white-labeled video services and applications for TV and mobile devices.

Ideanomics, previously named YOU On Demand, formed a joint venture in 2016 with Frequency Networks to create Frequency Asia JV. The JV provides YOU On Demand with Frequency’s white-labeled platforms exclusively to the Asian region including, but not limited to China, India, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. It also creates a stable of made-for-web content with brand partners that integrates original and licensed content for a wide variety of content.

An Influencer Marketing Company

Founded in 2012, Grapevine is one of the world’s first and leading influencer marketing organizations. Situated at the intersection of technology and managed services, Grapevine provides its partners with unmatched influencer program results. The Grapevine network includes more than 170,000 creators who generate more than 6 billion monthly views. Advertisers leverage Grapevine’s workflow management software and proprietary tracking and analytics to measure direct response and conversion rates from promotional content on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Ideanomics acquired Grapevine in September 2018 with the goal of applying blockchain-enabled technologies such as smart contracts and the tokenization of assets to Grapevine’s existing ecosystem and social media influencer business model. These enhanced capabilities revolutionizes the way influencers and celebrities engage with fans, brands and communities globally.

Intelligenta Logo

AI-driven SaaS and PaaS Solution Provider for the Financial Industry

Available as a PaaS or on-premise service, Intelligenta uses state-of-the-art AI and machine learning to offer products including: Credit Services: SME loan scoring and pre-approval processing, including analysis and risk assessment, credit rating, related party analysis and post-credit risk alerts; Corporation Services: compliance monitoring for public companies and private equity funds, fraud monitoring in capital markets, enterprise rating and risk assessment; Index Services & Products: macroeconomic monitoring, business environment monitoring, new economic index, regional economic modeling; Capital Markets Services & Products: financial analysis platform, public company reporting platform.

Ideanomics’ AI service and solutions offering was rebranded in April 2019 as Intelligenta. As part of its rebranding, Ideanomics restructured its joint venture with BBD, and leader in dynamic ontology-based artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for financial data worldwide. With over 20 proven AI-driven SaaS and PaaS solutions, Intelligenta has been deployed in Asia over the past several years and began marketing its services in the U.S. in 2019. Its products provide financial services clients with deeper insights that improve decision making, risk management, client retention and growth, and other efficiencies that drive significant ROI.

Using Smart Contracts to Redefine Ownership

Liquefy translates the rights of beneficial owners into pre-designed smart contract templates for different asset classes, converting illiquid assets into digital tokens. Through its tokenization platform, illiquid assets can be traded on exchanges, have fractional ownership, and access global investors – all with automated compliance. The company’s primary focus is real estate with future ambitions to enter the exotic asset space, such as sports teams and racing horses.

In July 2019, Ideanomics and NEO Global Development led a $2.6M Pre-A funding round. Liquefy’s capabilities complement Ideanomics’ existing suite of products and services given Liquefy’s advanced and compliant digital tokenization platform.

Logistrom Logo

Smart Devices For Manufacturing

Logistorm improves efficiencies in industrial manufacturing and supply chains through its IoT technology and data analytics capabilities. It is part of the new wave of smart technology used to enhance manufacturing processes.

In June 2019, Ideanomics merged Amer Global electronic parts supply chain business with Anbit Technology, a high-tech IoT company, Tianzhiwei, an end-to-end developer and manufacturer of smart electronics, and Robles, a supply-chain automation company. The merger left Ideanomics with a 10% stake in the newly formed, Hong Kong-based, Logistorm. The synergies between the constituent entities position Logistorm to become a transformative company in the industrial IoT industry. Ideanomics plans to take Logistorm public in the near future.

Pioneering a New Way of Mobility

The first company to bring a true electric bike to Malaysia, Treeletrik provides a transportation option that is clean, safe and affordable, with advanced technology, EV innovations and minimal maintenance. Treeletrik’s parent company, Tree Manufacturing, is the only licensed EV manufacturer in Malaysia.

In March 2019, Ideanomics acquired a controlling stake in Tree Manufacturing. The combined organization accelerates the adoption and affordability of EV production, extending Treeletrik’s portfolio from EV mopeds and bikes to EV buses, trucks, cars, and light rail. The expanded vehicle product line serves the 650 million people in the ASEAN region including Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, and Brunei.

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