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Embracing Opportunity

The changing financial services landscape offers significant opportunities for those who embrace technology and innovation. Ideanomics partners with clients to navigate hurdles and provides the infrastructure, tools, and advice to engage with the New Economy confidently.​

​Ideanomics continues to build upon its holistic suite of services to ensure clients safely and profitably engage with new and exciting technologies.​


JUSTLY Markets / Invest Your Principal With Principle

The JUSTLY team thinks beyond profit and dividends. It thinks about how the investments made today shape the future of our planet. Our team is connecting engaged investors and passionate founders who care about social responsibility and building thriving businesses.

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Timios / Real Estate Reimagined

Unparalleled real estate transaction experience for buyers, sellers, and professionals.

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TM2 / Technology Metals Market

TM2 is a London based digital commodities issuance and trading platform for technology metals, including those used for EV battery production, energy storage systems, and solar cells. It builds a critical connection to secure the future for the Cleantech and EV industry.

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