Founder's Story

Dr. Bruno Wu

Seasoned investor, media entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr. Bruno Wu recognized that emerging technology companies need more than financing to succeed. He believed that by forming partnerships with them and providing a unified platform, he could help these companies accelerate their growth while facilitating the global adoption of innovative technologies with significant economic or environmental benefits. These views led to the creation of Ideanomics – a single company operated by experienced executives who are managing a portfolio of new technology companies and providing them with financing, operational and marketing resources, and acting as a strategic partner to promote their growth.

Ideanomics was founded in 2017 as a business transformation of an existing media company and is traded on NASDAQ under the ticker IDEX. Ideanomics is forging the new paradigm on how emerging technology companies grow and how industries embrace innovation. The company’s significant resources, including talent and partnerships, combined with portfolio synergies empower Ideanomic’s partners to thrive and helps industries benefit from the evolution of technology.

Dr. Wu holds the title of Chairman Emeritus of Ideanomics.

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