In my last post I raised a question that my mind has been dwelling on ever since… Why do some organizations manage IP primarily as legal instruments while others handle them like business assets? In fact I realize that the question is incomplete. This is because there are a whole host of other organizations that…(Read More)

The short answer: it’s a lot of things and a lot of people need it. I’ll just say it… The concept of managing intellectual property is a bit elusive. For that matter the idea of intellectual property itself is often a bit vague for many. This can make explaining what IP management software…(Read More)

There’s a terrific post and debate over at the IAM Blog about the apparent collapse in the intangible values of companies. This arose out of both a very stimulating blog post by Pat Sullivan on the fallacy of the common intangible value concept derived from corporate securities pricing and also an article in this…(Read More)

Yesterday a federal appeals court ruled against a patent on a business idea (here is the Yahoo story) and the decision has significant implications. Bernard Biliski was seeking a patent for a method to hedge against the risk of weather-related impacts on business. The focus of the decision was that the application did not…(Read More)

I had the great pleasure of sitting down with my good friend (and all-around good egg) Mark Johnson last week to talk about his new book : The Innovator’s Guide To Growth: Putting Disruptive Innovation To Work (Harvard Business Press; with co-authors Scott Anthony Joseph Sinfield and Elizabeth Altman). I really wanted to…(Read More)

Ever since Google released its new browser “Chrome” last week it has been the subject of hot debate. People are arguing whether the world needs another browser whether this new browser is any good and whether or not this is really innovation. A very interesting post by Scott Anthony on his blog takes the position…(Read More)

I am finally back from a long summer hiatus. Thanks for patience to my faithful readers. I am preparing a new post on the astonishing disruptive potential of Google’s new browser Chrome. But in the mean time here is something very enjoyable to remind just how important creativity is for innovation. Sir Ken Robinson…(Read More)

Are business engineering and law students learning anything about managing IP? This was the central question asked at a conference last week on Intellectual Property Management Education and Research hosted by WIPO. The answer to this questions appears to be “no” and the consensus among participants is that this needs to change. Mr. Yo Takagi…(Read More)

There were not one but two very interesting reports in the past 48 hours coming out of Scotland. The first was a particularly harsh critique of Scottish efforts to commercialize IP from its Universities. Robert Hannah a partner in account firm Grant Thornton’s technology industry group laid blame for poor performance on a lack…(Read More)

I enjoyed Carl Weissman’s recent article on Xconomy (one of my favorite sites!) in which he talks about (among other things) how venture capital has lost it’s taste for investing in “risky” innovation. There is a lot of truth in what he says “VCs are demanding that these technologies be ‘de-risked’ before…(Read More)