Delaware Board of Trade (DBOT)

Trade without Boundaries

Bringing the best practices of exchanges to the small cap marketplace promoting
capital growth, investor confidence, liquidity, and transparency.

Trading Services
Fully automated electronic platform to provide fast and efficient trading.
Issuer Services
Comprehensive suite of fundraising options for small cap companies.
Corporate Services
Providing customer service, visibility and market intelligence to DBOT Issuers.
Nasdaq Interview Bruno Wu

DBOT ATS brings best practices of exchanges to the over-the-counter marketplace with speed, security and seamless execution:

  • Active in OTC markets
  • Ideal alternative to the existing incumbent exchanges; diversification for market makers
  • Platform to provide a wide range of traditional products and alternative assets
  • Pending CMA approval for private placement capital raising, and secondary market trading
  • Pending CMA filing for digital securities broker dealer and trading activities